Collaboritive project with CiarĂ¡n Murphy and Jennifer Gleeson. Heinz Urban Picnic is a mobile extravaganza that can be targeted to specific sites, locations and events, taking place during the key period of lunchtime. Since Heinz Salad Cream is something that many people remember from their childhood, Heinz Urban Picnics will add that element of nostalgia offering a contemporary twist on the traditional idea of a picnic. The Heinz team at each picnic will be offering healthy lunchtime foods and the social aspect of Heinz Urban Picnic will get people excited about Heinz Salad Cream and engaged with the brand. We integrated the iconic Heinz keystone shape across the campaign because it is a unique brand asset for Heinz, one that is instantly recognizable. After the picnic leaves they will leave a 'reverse graffiti' mark. The iPhone app will help people follow the picnic locations, but also allows them the chance to win their own Heinz Urban Picnic Kit by uploading and sharing photos. In this way, the Heinz Urban Picnic concept will grow as people are encouraged to host their own picnics.

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